Marvel technology have over 12 years experience in business of outdoor kiosk as a manufacturer, we are invested by Chinese government, have over 150 employee, our digital advertising display selling to over 120 countries, we have many certificates like CE FCC Rohs ETL CB PSE BIS and so on, also we offer software and cloud service we called one stop service directly, also with skilled engineer team for after-sale service directly. We will be your best business partner in outdoor signage displays business, and we keep growing together.

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Outdoor LCD Kiosk

Marvel digital advertising display come with simple but modern design, can assimilate into many different city’s style, 2500nits or more brightness, FHD resolution brings the attractive performance for advertising,as a kind of outdoor digital signs it is also IP65 standard can work for many different projects like bus station, municipal project, tourism and so on. The outdoor signage displays come with OMC system, which is use for monitoring the working statue of the totem, like temperature, humidity, screen on/off statue, fan’s working speed, check if door closed well and so on, this save lots of labor work compare to traditional maintenance method. Marvel company offer free cloud service for this OMC system and also CMS system which is use for remotely content management, can help you manage all the sites all around the city or even all around the world just with network connection outdoor signage displays


Stand Alone Outdoor LCD Screen

Marvel technology are the digital signage suppliers who have over 10 years experience, offering to clients all around the world digital signage solutions for different applications, our standalone digital signage products have slim thickness, simply design method can assimilate into different application like restaurant, shopping mall, airport, metro station and so on. It build in the media player with android or windows operation system optional, pre-install content management software with free cloud server, which can manage multi display at the same time in your laptop via network, very convenient for business management, also we have engineer team who can speak and write english directly serve customer for installation, training and other technical aftersales service. For some big project like tender project, we can also send engineer to customer side for training. We all use A+ component for the products, and we take responsibility for our products, always offering the best quality product and service to our clients. Looking forward work together with you.


Wall Mount Outdoor LCD Screen

Marvel outdoor lcd wall mount series is a truly dynamic medium. Wall mount screen puts on a show, engages with impact and communicates and conveys all manner of media in unique, branded and tailored style across digital signage players that project in ways that conventional media messaging just can’t touch. Content is customized with text, graphics and video according customer's requirement. The advertising display players can be used in both portrait and landscape and it comes with a free mount wall in order to put it onto the wall. It is designed to be used in commercial application and able to run 24/7 without any problems. The screen can also be used as a monitor through the different ports available. Wall mount lcd display incorporate media playing with optional single SD card and USB port, player integrated with CMS, a sleek design and commercial functionality into an digital signage solution. Featuring an elegant design with slim-bezel and ultra-slim profile, the wall-mounted digital signage series is the ideal display solution for lcd advertising screen applications in retail stores, restaurants, hospital, corporate meeting areas, education, hotel environments etc..


Outdoor Stretched LCD Display

Marvel Stretched lcd digital display was a serial products which focus on supermarket and transportation area, which mainly use for shows the price information for the goods on the shelf and bus/train routine and time schedule on metro or bus station, stretched lcd with customized size and ratio on spec, can perfectly combine with good idea with business, Marvel have the factory can modify the stretched lcd display size and backlight brightness according to different project requirement, it work with the content management software to remotely manage the advertising and transportation information via network which supply via lan cable, wifi or 4G network connection. Marvel digital advertising boards also work with OMC maintenance system, such as our taxi top stretched digital display screen, make our life become more interesting and make business more attractive


High Brightness LCD Panel

Outdoor signage displays was more and more popular use in our daily life, the information board you saw in the airport, menu board you saw in restaurant, shopping mall advertising display and so on. High brightness lcd panel with brightness range from 700 to 5000+ maximum for different application, which with FHD or UHD resolution, effective power consumption means will not cause much heat make the life time longer under 24/7 working mode. Also we use aluminum material for the back cover which not cause much weight, and good for Heat dissipation compare to traditional method, as a professional lcd display manufacture all those technology been proved by the high/low temperature environment testing, under different humidity. And we tested the working stability with shaking test under different shaking frequency. It can been use for shop window indoor display and also outdoor application project


Outdoor LCD System

If without cooling system, the outdoor screen will be broken by overheating for long time. So outdoor cooling system is vital for outdoor screen equipment. Marvel designed their own cooling system, they make outdoor advertising player screen comes with ventilations holes in up and down. The down ventilations is for sucking cooling air into the screen, the up ventilation holes is for exhausting hot air out. And the cooling air will blow the heating in the surface of the LCD panel via the cooling air going through the front space of LCD panel.Besides Marvel build up intelligent temp management module inside the outdoor screen,when the inside temp is up, the cooling fans will speed up , otherwise ,the cooling fans speed will slow down or keep constant speed to make screen with low power consumption. What is the most important that Marvel also has configure the outdoor digital signage with filter detective percentage sensor, the sensor will tell you how’s the status of the filer block percentage. As our more than 12 years experience of outdoor digital signage, we know if the filter is blocked, the cooling system will break down. That’s why all of our outdoor screen builds up OMC to monitor the outdoor signs. And the OMC can control the screen to do self-diagnosis when distributed to different location.And users are free to know the status of all screens easily whenever and wherever they are. For the cooling system can be used outdoor screens, And marvel can provide the API and all kinds of sensors to detect the environmental data. For more details, pls quote :